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Q: How can I find out about you sales?

A:         Sign up for our special email list here.



Q: Is there anything I can do about my dog eating his poop?

A:         Yes, we have products that you can give to your dog to make his poop taste bad (if that makes any sense!). 

Q: My dog barks when I’m not home, can you help?

A:         Yep, we’ve got bark control collars and stationary devices that will help stop barking while you’re away.  The collars emit a mild static shock to get your dog’s attention and stop the barking.  The static shock is much like the shock you’d get from touching a door knob in your house,  It will startle your dog, but won’t hurt him.  The stationary devices are placed near the dog and automatically emit a high frequency noise when the dog barks.  Much like the collar, the noise gets their attention and stops the barking.  Those work better with multiple dogs, but don’t affect all dogs the same way.  With the collar and multiple dogs, there is usually one dog that starts all the other dog barking.  If you put a collar on that dog, you’ll usually the behavior for all dogs stop. 

Q: Do you have Greenies®?

A:         Yes we do!

To contact us at either our Sierra Vista pet store or our Tucson pet store, you can email us at or check out our contact page.  Click here to return to the home page. 


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Q: What size heater do I need for my aquarium?

A:         You want a heater that equals 3-5 watts of your aquarium volume.  So, if you have a 10 gallon tank, you want a 30-50 watt heater.  Usually, as you get a larger tank, you won’t need as big a heater because the water holds heat so well.  So for a 125 you would normally need between 375 and 625 watts, but you can usually get away with 300 and sometimes even 200 watts depending on the temperature of the room it is in .

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